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I feel like storytelling.

Our paths cross once, twice, thrice.  A fleeting moment in time, enough to allow for fledgling dreams and hopes to arise.

Yet, not long enough to turn dreams to reality.  Not enough for the paths to intertwine to one.  

And thus, the loose threads slowly unravel.  What work Fate started and left unfinished becomes undone. Was this because Fate pushed us together to show us we would make a strong intertwining if we so chose and gave us a gift of Choice?  Or was it simply Fate, working away, making mistakes, and deliberately unraveling the strings strung together?  Or perhaps Fate simply forgot and left it undone.

Nevertheless, despite Fate’s reasons, everything returns to the equilibrium state of before.  Time moves on unrelentingly, and distant memories of the crossing dwindle and fade.  And for the two beings, they continue their paths, side by side, but each in their own reality, as the paths continue in a parallel fashion.

The two move on, searching, searching for that which they will never again find.  Searching for a part of themselves they lost to one another.  A void which no longer can be filled.  A hunger which will never be satisfied.

With no further crosses, they become destined to remain separate forever and ever, however close their existences may be.  That is, until the day their paths run dry and their existences wink out.  From there, there is hope.  A renewal of life: a new spark may flare and come forth, and opportunities may once again rise from the ashes.  But for now, they must endure.  And endure, they will. 

Music to accompany my story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8d7F5ikbajU&feature=BFa&list=SP957A89BCE798193F

I think it’s fitting being sad, soft, & gentle, but gives a sense of hope.

I love being poetic.  And being repetitive.  And exaggerating issues on my mind.  I feel okay now, I just want to put it in poetic terms of a story it inspired.  Twisting in Fate & Choice & Time as part of my fairytale.  🙂

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