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Nostalgia; that empty feeling

..when you leave someplace or someone.  Or if someone leaves you.

You know when something usually filled with non-stop work or activities, like school, suddenly ends, and you suddenly fill up with that strange empty feeling?  Like you have a temporary moment in time after which you’ve been doing that activity for so long, that not doing it smothers you with a void that can’t be replaced and a nagging yearning for that consistency to return once again to your life?  I feel like that right now.  I don’t like it.  It makes me feel lost, a bit out of place and time, unadjusted, because I was so well adjusted to the previous schedule that so abruptly stopped and to the people I’d see everyday.

And then your mind progresses to replay the good and bad memories of the experience, toying with your desire to return.  Oh, Mind, why would you torture me so?

It’s odd!  It’s so abstract a feeling.  I’ve never written it out before, but now that I have, I realize I have this feeling every time I part with friends, schools, activities, etc.  It feels like I left a bit behind with them.  It makes me feel a bit sad too but I guess it’s natural for me to feel like a lost soul, forced to find a new niche to get comfortable in.

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