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I identify as being conscientious.

I now live out of a suitcase, job-hopping every couple months. Exploring’s fun and all, but forming new connections from scratch, constantly moving, and the stress of not knowing if I will have a job in a couple months, on TOP of dealing with the infuriating ___ is burning me out really bad. The point when I make good friends, is the point I leave again.

Interview questions:

-How would you describe the culture here at (job company)?
-How did this position come to be open?
-What does success look like for this position?
-What is the biggest achievement this department has made?
-What is the biggest challenge facing this department right now?
– Ask them for a brief summary of their time with the company. Favorite aspects, challenges, overall experience of working there.

What made you who you are today?  The ideals you believe in, the way you act or project yourself?

Today is the day I have battled months for. ____ paid me in full for work from March & April. It’s over.

Cool words to use in essays:


How I aim to be like every single day: A genuine person is someone who’s mindset is uneasily affected by those around them. Someone who is not only truthful to their peers but truthful to themselves. They are very self aware and do not feel the need to impress or change their character to suit the people who surround them.

To the guy I feel uncomfortable with, who I need to have a heart-to-heart to about how I feel: Just want to put things into perspective for the both of us, from my point of view. I hope I didn’t make you think too much after the hug, I like you but I’m not willing to do any more than that. Don’t attach to me, at all. I’m not willing to get emotionally involved right now. It’d be better for you to focus on your career. Just.. don’t halt your life for me. Regardless of what either of us felt, it was 2 dates. I like you so far, but I can’t commit to you. I’m not trying to put you to a test or anything, I just want to reinforce that I am not willing to budge from making this any more than casual right now. I have no intention of rushing a relationship. No investment or attachment, ok?

I’m tired. I’m tired to the bone. I’m always ‘on’ because I have way too much going on. Last semester, I was working two jobs, taking 3 courses, running a club, fighting for my pay, and volunteering in any remaining free time I could squeeze out. In my transition days, I spent having my wisdom teeth taken and driving. This semester, I’m working, biking, bad___, drag___ing, and still fighting for my pay from 4 months ago. I feel like I have zero down time although I have so much down time. I feel like I can’t breathe. I feel like I’m doing my maximum and always having to be ‘on’ to make sure I am doing everything accurately and efficiently to get everything done and done well. I feel like I’m just a couple inches away from going over the hump of the amount of work that would cause me to break down into tears simply out of lack of rest and feeling overwhelmed.

I really do love my nomadic lifestyle and I’m really grateful for all the experiences I have been afforded in my defiance against complacency and through my privilege of coming from a middle-class family.  But a part of me wishes I didn’t choose to job hop so much despite how exciting it is – I incur big costs for the way I live.  My life has no rhyme or rhythm nor steady pay or stability.   It feels like I have friends everywhere and nowhere and I feel incredibly exhausted.  Maybe I’m just burnt out.

Instructional Design advice from online:
You need a portfolio. Go create an account on elearning heroes, download a trial version of Storyline. Inhale Tom Kuhlman’s blog posts. If you are even vaguely competent with Creative Cloud apps you will be producing passable assets in a few weeks.
Rinse and repeat with Adobe Captivate. Most enterprise / contract shops are going to want to see you can work in Storyline or Captivate. Lectora is probably a respectable 3rd. But again – you want to be able to apply and say – here’s some online learning assets I built. This stuff isn’t rocket science.
Memorize Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels of evaluation. Not because it will actually help you in your day to day work, but because it is a bullshit interview question you’ll be asked.
Become familiar with the basics of Learning Management Systems, and SCORM and TinCan packaging. This is the delivery framework by which companies track who has taken online courses. You can read up free stuff online, or there’s a decent Lynda.com course too.
If you aren’t having luck landing full time work after your portfolio is out there, there are dozens of contracting firms that hire people for staff augmentation roles to help large companies get projects done their full time people don’t have time for. Get a placement, kick ass and you’ll be offered a job many times (i’ve hired several people this way).

Let your graphic design skills shine. Build elegant, attractive, functional pieces. There are countless corporate training types who try to make the switch to ID roles, but I have learned the hard way, I can’t teach people graphic design, or how to write. You just have to know what fonts work and why, and how certain layouts emphasize certain things, etc. And for the love of god, the difference between “your” and “you’re.”
I am probably a bit of a cynic, but I am dog tired of having to cover for stuffy adult learning professionals who can’t actually USE the tools of the trade. I’ll take a graphic designer with technical chops and an eye for quality over a phd in Adult Education any day. The former will actually accomplish things, the latter will talk endlessly about what we should do.


Sometimes, I wish I had asked that one day when we were alone. Or not.

“____, I don’t mind whatever you say.  Please be honest.  I just want to know so that I am on the same page as you.  How do you feel about me?”



My kind of people and talks: Deep conversations that touch the soul

Talks about..

.. relationships and how every relationship requires work and will have some element of incompatibility.

..  the conscious decision to be happy and positive while acknowledging the sadness that exists, without dwelling on it.

.. family and how parents can have difficulty hearing what it is their children are saying and finding it hard to let the kids go and make mistakes.

.. hobbies and how hobbies do not necessarily have to be jobs

.. how individuals can exude such positive and negative energies that impact other people

.. using your experiences to your advantage by evaluating what you like and dislike, and using it as a learning experience for how you want to act.

These were such wonderful talks.  I have a very thoughtful and kind landlady.

A change in dynamic

After my slew of older supervisors, the way my supervisor acts, I’m pretty sure he’s in his early 30’s.  A news article says he has 11 years experience between 3 degrees, which puts him at 2005 entry into post-secondary education, if that includes his undergrad.  My guess is phd (4 years 2012-2016) + msc (3 years 2008-2012) + bsc (4 years 2004 – 2008) If that was true.. he’s probably 30 years old.

Facts: he finished a masters at 2012, and was still in his undergrad in 2007.  The lower limit of this is 31, with an upper limit of, I would say, 36.  To play it safe, I’d say he’s anywhere between 29 – 36 years old.  My guess would be 32 though, 7 years older than me.  I’m pretty shocked, but not.  Just.. the brilliance required to obtain a position like this at that age range.  He is wonderfully easy to get along with and makes me love the job I thought I wouldn’t.

God damn it, buddy.

Guy I talked about/last saw on Nov 26 that I talked about on Nov 29.  It’s freaking hard not to like you when you’re so personable and smart.

And stop giving me such amazing hugs.  He put his arms around my waist and lifted me up this time in the middle of the restaurant.

I don’t know if you like me.  Probably not.  But we are hours away.  Stop giving me the glimmer of hope I know is not there every time I see you.  We live 4 hours apart.

Is this potential relationship healthy? My gut says no.

I worked hard my entire life to learn to be comfortable emulating exactly who I am.  To become an authentic, genuine, well-adjusted, respectful, and introspective person.  To me, these are the most important qualities in a person.  I value having substance and good work ethic, and strive to live up to my own standards.  I thrive in making logical choices, using my introspective nature to make what I believe to be the best decision given the situation.

Meanwhile, the person I’m talking to right now.. when I gave my passionate, well-thought out reason for accepting to go out with him, his return answer to the question for asking me out was “..because you’re cute”.   I gave him a chance to expand, exclaiming in shock “that’s IT?!” before he mumbled some bullshit answer of it just feeling right.  Meanwhile, the rest of the day and his messages pointed to the fact that he seemed to appreciate me primarily, if not only, physically.  He wanted to cuddle more than talk when he didn’t even know me that well.  He playfully mentioned “ruining” me.  He told me I looked good in my clothing.  He did not seem overtly interested in my life and my work.  Fucking hell mate, I did NOT work 8 fucking years to be your little sex toy and arm candy.   I am pretty offended right now.  If this is his authentic self, I don’t like it.  Looks are not everything.  I am not 1-dimensional.

More than this, I am uncomfortable with the anime he watches and posts he makes frequently, in particular, how hyper-sexualized the women/girls are in the anime and in the pictures.  I feel like the female gender is reduced to being objectified and that it is uncomfortable to watch, providing little character to each character beyond their physical desirability.

His desire to be so close to me so fast, and to talk about dates.. 3 months in advance, meeting the parents, etc, scares me off.  I feel like he is living in his idea of who I am based on who he has built me up to be in his fantasy world.  He does not know me.

I first wanted to date him because I saw him for who he was in class, someone who was hard-working, had similar interests in some aspects, and a decent person.  But I am not sure I can deal with everything else I am seeing.

Now that I have what I suspect is happening, I’ll let my gut take over on the date.  Based on his fantasies of going out with me months in advance after just a single date, I suspect this may not go over well.  These may just be irreconcilable differences that I just listed.

I have.. nothing.

  1. I have nobody.
  2. I will have no job soon.
  3. I will have to leave the safety net of school soon.

I feel so vulnerable and scared.  I need to try hard these last few days.  This is the only last thing I have control over.

Interviews be like

Let me tell you what you want to hear

Now please read my body language and don’t hire me.  



That was my most half-hearted interview of my life.

Back down the rabbit hole I go.

I’m so sad and disappointed.  I should have expanded my search.  Now all I have is a possible dismal position in another facility in a career I didn’t want.  Sucked back down the very route I tried to break from.  I’m so sorry, me.  I’m so, so sorry.  It’s hard to love myself.  All in the name of desperation.  What did I do

Has anyone else been treated differently after your depth of experience and/or age was discovered by a co-worker or friend?

I have a habit of not to divulging my former experience, jobs, and my age to anyone unless if they ask.  First, I don’t see why this would concern them and secondly, this gives me a chance to judge them for who they are as a person.  See, I look like a 19 year old.  What I want to know is, would they use my physical appearance to judge whether to respect me?  Look down on me?  Assume I have no experience?

I have a belief that you should not judge people on appearances and it is difficult not to as it is the only thing you can go on when you first meet someone.  But I think it is also important to be aware of how you treat everyone and assumptions you think might be true – regardless of appearance.  Appearance should not be a surrogate for how experienced a person is or who they are as a person.  I try very hard to be open and place no assumptions on anyone I first meet and THIS is the type of person I want to associate with.  My friends may not be very typical or the mainstream people, but they are people who are beautiful on the inside and non-judgmental.

I have sadly had supervisors and co-workers I strongly believe have used my appearance to assume my incapability until proven despite the fact I was hired for the position:

  • There were instances where incapable co-workers more trusted than I was for the job.
  • I was highly amused seeing the change in attitude when the co-worker found my LinkedIn and realized I was so much more than he thought I was.  This was someone who had never shown an interest in me until then. (see “Now that I am calm and level-headed..” for more information..)

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