The thoughts & ramblings of a young mind

Venturing into the unknown..

My top mantras:

  • To follow my passions wherever they may lead me.
  • Never letting fate get the best of me.  I firmly believe in taking the reigns and make the best of my life regardless of all other factors
  • (I already failed myself in some aspects .. god.)
  • To remain humble.

Hello.  Welcome to my.. blog, I suppose?  This is where I ponder the deep mechanics of everyday life..

Nah.  I wish.  It’s more of anything random I think up, that I need to put down in words before I lose it (read: before I forget it or before I explode).  Little bursts of my colorful reality plastered onto an obscure corner of the web, if you will.  I’m really just another ordinary person, just another stranger in the crowd.  You don’t need to know who, when, why, or where.   You just need to know I’ll be here for as long as I feel like it.  Just a spontaneous soul lurking around for something to procrastinate on.

If you are interested in reading, feel welcome to read or comment on my thoughts.  Otherwise, move along.  My objective is not to entertain you; this is first and foremost for myself so I do not expect you to linger if you wish not to.


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