The thoughts & ramblings of a young mind

My misadventures

Dating is a freaking minefield and not fun in my book, for the most part.

Date 1: Online. This guy wanted me as a temporary emotional crutch but didn’t really care about me.  I could feel it and I did not like it.  I broke it off.

Date 2: Online. This guy was the best out of all of them. He was super open.  My reservation came from how logical he was.  Not very emotional.  But he was the one person of everyone who I had an immediate I-feel-comfortable kind of feeling.  He was my favorite. I screwed it up on my end.

Date-ish 3 “hangout”: someone from my past that I initiated. My gut said he was putting up a wall for me and being purely courteous in all his super respectful gestures.  I was uncomfortable, feeling like he wasn’t really letting me in.  He continued talking to me after, but I never felt he let me in and I felt like he was stringing me along. So I let it go.

Date-ish 4 “hangout”: This was someone I got along very well with, liked me for who I was, and who challenged my way of thinking, but I was not very physically attracted. Felt bad, but it is what it is.  I still really like him as a person. I had thoughts that I was being far too picky.  I might be, and I have minor regrets over this one.

Date 5: Someone who asked me out at the rink. I thought it was a PUA.  Maybe it was.  But I distrusted this guy from the start but thought it woudn’t hurt to go out once. This guy decided to, right off the bat, psychoanalyze me.  From what I did, to how I looked, everything was pyschoanalyzed.  At the end of the date, he went.. you must be thinking, how do I know more about you than you?  Really, what I was thinking was.. this guy has tried to psychoanalyze me more than he has asked me questions.  In my world, a date should be about getting to know another person, not to try to affirm your assumptions about said person based on what little you barely know.  He has also put down his entire family as dumb, mentioned he hasn’t quite got friends because he’s so smart and above others.  On top of it all, he was evasive with the questions I had and tried to kino me, kept licking his lips, acted very sexual, and was late.  This was NOT what I was looking for a first date.  This guy came across as full of himself and primarily looking for physical.  I hated him… to put it gently.

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