The thoughts & ramblings of a young mind

Psychological techniques for management of my well-being.

1. Yes, this ____event____ happened.
2. And I acknowledge that I feel ___emotion (sad, mad, frustrated, angry…)____
3. But, I forgive myself.  I tried my best given the circumstances.
4. What can I take away/learn from this experience?
Thought mash:
“Denying a child the ability to make a decision by making the decision for them.

This could be anything from forcing them to eat all of the food on their plate, to putting them in time-out, to forcing them to learn piano lessons, opening the door for them when they’re taking too long to do it themselves, or forcing them to put pants on before going out of the house.

As parents we constantly have to evaluate when to take that control away from our children. Sometimes it’s necessary for our child’s safety. Sometimes it’s necessary for their health. Sometimes it’s necessary to be socially acceptable.

However, some people will not evaluate when to take control away, and simply do it whenever possible. This restricts the child’s ability to make those decisions themselves, and learn from their mistakes. It makes them afraid of being shamed for making mistakes.

Some control is certainly in the job description. Some go for maximum control”

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