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I am a little stressed.  I need to talk about it and get it off my chest and continue on with life.  So here it is.

I’ve turned down about 7 jobs for this elusive job that.. at long last, I got verbally offered.  I think I’m quite well grounded in reality in that I was highly aware going in that verbal offers != actual offers until that letter of offer is issued and signed and careful to trust this offer and continued applying to jobs until it got too tiring.  1.5 months later, the process is still being worked on.  I was not overtly worried to begin with as this is quite typical for this organization but the latest update has me a little scared. I have been told there has been a “snag” in the human resources processes and that hopefully more information can be shared at a later date.  The vagueness of this statement in stark contrast to the detailed specifics provided in previous messages gives me great unease to think that my hiring may be jeopardized by the newest developments.

I think I will re-continue applying to jobs.  I am sad about this update and I am quite unsure about where this will go.

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