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When you feel like you meet someone so right, but then that one deal breaker means no.

Finding people is tough.  It is so tough to find good compatibility.

Some people like polyamory
Some people are too introverted
Some people want children, some people don’t.
Some people drink, some people don’t.
Some people’s perspective on life is so different.

Then after all of that, are you two able to banter and have open communication?

It’s so damn fucking tough.

There was one person I thought was quite perfect.  The epitome of perfect.  We were hitting everything, perspectives, views, goals, ambitions, locations.  The way we thought and perceived the world was just on point.  Neither of us wanted kids.

And then it came out.  He loved drinking.  I do not.  For me, this was fine, but I could see for him, it was absolutely not

And that was that.  In afterthought, his incredibly disappointed exclamation of “that is so unfortunate!”  was entirely right.  I think it is too.  We seemed so perfect.  I’m really, really disappointed over this one.  He has the personality and qualities of a person that I think are incredibly rare and hard to find.  He genuinely has an amazing soul.

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