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I’m sad and I feel vulnerable.

I got two jobs.  I am going to reject a job.  My parents were not entirely happy with my decision.  First, it was that I didn’t go for the cushy clerk government job.  Then, it was all about the money.  Low paying, contract, with no benefits.

I was happy.  I thought it was a good opportunity to gain experiences in a variety of things, to help make big changes in a small organizations.  To make it better.  I thought it was a place I could go to do things I love.

No.  They spent the entire dinner talking about the pay, the employment insurance, how I need to think more about the pension after I retire. Money.

I need to be dependent on myself, but they have instilled concern in me for my retirement.  I feel insecure, regretful, and sad.  They hit me where I was most vulnerable and twisted a knife in me.

I recognize I have a choice in feeling this way.  They can say what they can say, but I can accept or reject it.  I need to learn to believe in myself.

I feel so down.

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