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What if I treated it as a part of something fun? Not a means to an end?

Here’s what I think.  What if I treated this position as an opportunity to learn something new and to grow and help the industry rather than a means to an end?  So, regardless of career, what if I treated it as a part of the journey that is life and enjoyed it?  It is most definitely an amazing opportunity.  So regardless of whether it goes anywhere, if I enjoy it and learn something new, that’s all that matters.

My original perspective was treating it as 3 years of a part of a means to get a career.  If I treated it as a part of a journey to learn, I think I would enjoy it.  Maybe I will not have a stable career or no guarantee of it, but the experience would be worth the 3 years.

Let me mull this over a little more.

The moment that you realize your family was poorer than people who surround(ed) you

  • Elementary school:
    • When all your clothing are hand-me-downs from cousins, and laughably unfashionable.  I was so embarrassed, people laughed.
    • When you could not watch the TV shows others watched because your family didn’t have the channels.
  • High school:
    • Giving gifts to friends hurt.  They all wanted to give a ~$10+ gift to each other, which would add up to $150-200.  I didn’t work and relied on my allowance of $20 per month and didn’t want to do this.  When I told them I didn’t want to do it and told them I expected nothing in return, and scrounged up something small for each of them, one of them took me aside and said they expected something bigger than this.  That this was not enough.
  • Post-Secondary:
    • When they talk about being “foodies” and about all the best restaurants in town.  I could name none.  We ate at the cheapest restaurants we could.  Which were always the same one or two, the ones that could not compare to the “foodie”s’ tastes.


What I realize I like now: double entendres & banter.  Although I’m usually too fucking slow to pick up the fucking underlying meaning until weeks later. Fuck.

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