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Deep questions I like asking about to find out about people

What was the toughest but most rewarding lesson to learn in life for you?  How to be myself

What was the one moment or time that changed your perspective and consequently, your actions or decisions thereafter?  My realization that I always had a choice.  In the event of something negative, I used to passively blame it on someone, and feel sorry for myself and not do anything about it and let myself get depressed and sad.  Now, when this happens, I now go “Yes, I acknowledge and accept that this happened and I forgive myself if I did it.  Now, what have I learned from this experience and what will I do differently next time?”

What makes a good friend?

What do you look for in a person in relationships and friendships?

World, I met someone really special.

I’ve never experienced being able to just sit and chat all day, everyday, without getting bored or awkward. In fact, I wanted to be there, I felt so happy and content just chatting. I felt like I could share anything and everything with him and know I’d be fine, and I did for the most part.  He did the same, and we were pretty much joined at the hip for the last 3 weeks, after we first broke through a kind of barrier one night and started talking about personal things like families and relationships.  Our views were incredibly similar and we even liked the same things.  We played piano duets, watched the stars, teased each other, and shared our views on our co-workers, among other things.

So this is how chemistry feels like.  It’s sad that we are on opposite sides of the world, but I think this will be one friendship that will last the test of time and distance.  We just got each other.  We were both so comfortable and open and genuine with each other.  It was incredible. It was beautiful. But it was heartbreaking having him leave.  I cried for the first time ever, for someone leaving, and felt comfortable crying in front of him.  He teared up too.

This incredibly intimate friendship has changed my perspective in what I now seek in friendships and relationships.

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