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I know what I seek.

People who have profound thoughts, profound thinkers who are willing to discuss and articulate it are those who I relate to the best.  It’s something I’ve developed that I love doing.  They are commonly the ones who are most self-aware.  It is why I dislike conversations and talking with those younger and sometimes those older – often conversations are insincere or shallow.


“.. they found that the relationships that had lasted around five years tended to refer to how much they enjoyed their partner’s personality and their physical chemistry. They found that the relationships that lasted around 10 years tended to refer to how important communication was to working through any problems or trust issues. But they found, by far, the relationships that lasted 20 or more years almost universally said what kept them going beyond good communication, physical chemistry, and even trust was that they respected their partner.

Ever since then I’ve noticed how absolutely true this seems to be.” -Redditor

I agree.

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