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I have a feeling..

Last guy who definitely liked me:

  • tried to justify everything I said as what he agreed on too
  • touched me on my back when I walked through a door, etc
  • created situations where we were alone
  • remembered details about me

This time, the guy I highly suspect likes me:

  • stood in front of me, facing me, way way too close (Feb 2?) more than once
  • mentioned single, previous dates, & exes
  • sided & agreed with my opinions and ideas
  • seemed to be trying to prove himself to me
  • remembered details about me
  • tries to respect my values and things I don’t do (eg. not drinking) by saying he wouldn’t bring X drink or drink at all

He ain’t half-bad looking, he’s pretty smart (although I am pretty damn stupid in politics and everything else..), we seem to have similar interests, and he seems socially well-adjusted.  Just.. uh, 5 years younger as far as I know.  F.  I need to weasel my age in somehow.  See if that makes a difference at all.  I don’t know what to do.  Stupid stupid stupid.  I need to fucking grad and see people my age.  I don’t want to make age a huge huge issue because I believe that getting along well mentally is far more important but damn, 5 years is a bit of a stretch..

One more guy I suspected briefly:

  • offered, not even second week into the job, to drive over to my place to bring me a book he thought could be useful for my work.  I told him to bring it to work instead.  Next day he said it may not be entirely relevant to my research and didn’t bring it.

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