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Everyone has motives.

I suspect, my well-meaning professor has something bigger in mind than our well-being and our careers when he decide to quite his governmental job and to help develop a new program at my school and to push us to do graduate work.

I suspect that he:

  1. Has become jaded with his ability to influence governmental communities and oppositions
  2. Is overwhelmed by opposition and finds it to be a difficult position to enact any meaningful change
  3. Wants to push/inspire us to continue down the route in his professorship position as he sees us as the best route to inspire and create change in policies and practices as we are tomorrow’s leaders which is why he is sacrificing a position as such for this one.
  4. As a consequence of this, he is determined to push us to continue onto graduate work and continue down this path.

Although it is clear he is brilliant & admirable and I am sure his motives are all genuine and for good reason and I am thankful for what knowledge he has imparted so passionately, my plans need to be for me, and me alone.  I do not want graduate work.  I want to survive.  That is all.

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