The thoughts & ramblings of a young mind

Reminders to myself to keep this frame of mind at all times

  1. Stay wildly ambitious. Stop thinking you are special. And ignore everyone else.


2. “If you’re good at what you do, are social, and someone people like (read: authentic), they will offer you opportunities. When a position is opening up, they will think of that friend that would be good for that position. They will also think about how much they like that person and it would be great to work with them. They will get the interview set up and talk you up before.

Knowing people and being a good friend will open up doors. It’s not going to land you your dream job purely out of social obligation, but it will get your foot in the door.

I was fortunate that I got a job right out of college in the field I wanted because of a friend. He had already graduated and was working and when a position opened up, he thought of me and got me the interview.

Friends I have made throughout life are always thinking of me for positions I would be good at and because they want to work with me. I, in turn, also think of my friends first, when a position is opening up. It’s not something we have to ask each other, though we may ping each other to see what’s out there.

Maybe the real LPT should be: make friends, be a good person, and be great at what you do.

You’re getting your degree anyway, but without that network of friends you will have a lot of missed opportunities.”


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