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Busy having fun

I’ve been so busy getting used to life and planning what next trip I should do next every week, that I just have not found the need to update this blog.  Anyways, it definitely took a long 2 months, but I feel like my work partner and I finally were able to bond a little better and be at ease with each other.  We have seriously contrasting interests and we’re in 2 different groups when it comes to activities, but I feel like we get together ok now.  It took a work trip, a car crash, a windshield crack, a horrendously long hot 35 degree day of work outside, but we did it despite the differences.  It’s weird how different we are.  His friends smoke pot and work.  My friends are doing school and higher education (masters, pharmacy, etc).  He plays volleyball, rugby, swimming.  I play badminton, skating, swimming (not really though).  I’m just glad I’m working with people I find easy to work with!


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