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Working in (1) Non-profit sector vs (2) Private sector vs (3) Public sector

From what I gather:

  • The NON PROFIT sector
    • Job security: low – dependent on grants
    • Pay: typically low pay
    • Pro: is full of passionate people and often a smaller, closer work team
  • The PRIVATE sector (eg. consultants)
    • Job security: medium – dependent on clientele demands
    • Pay: typically decent
  • The PUBLIC sector
    • Job security: high
    • Pay: typically decent

Given all of this and adding in the state of the current economy with the public sector muzzling my people and severely cutting back, although the public sector would be most ideal, the private sector would probably be my highest pick for where I’d like a job in.

Public transit scare.

I’m really freaked out right now.  A guy follow me onto the bus from the terminal bus stop although he had originally been waiting for another bus and the bus had come, then stay really close to me no matter what speed I walked at the place I got off the bus, and kept turning his head so half his head faced me, and stared at me out of the corner of his eye that way on the bus ride and at the station (it was very deliberate, because I was always behind him quite a few seats), only staring away after I glared at him every time.  I think I slipped away by pretending to be waiting on the opposite tracks as him, before sneaking into a train compartment he had not gone in and making sure not to pass by his compartment when I exited so he wouldn’t know where I exited.  It was a very chilling ordeal.  It’s the first time I’ve truly felt scared on public transit.

Brown straggly straight hair that was pretty long but not shoulder-length, prominent nose, white, ragged faded blue jeans, no backpack, tall and lengthy guy, maybe late 20’s, didn’t seem to like talking, never heard a word out of him even when the bus driver asked him for his fare.  He just stared at him for a long time, and after further demands by the bus driver, unsteadily walked to the money thing.  This JUST happened.  It was the bus leaving school at 11:58pm, and I got home around 12:50am, so pretty much only him/me/bus driver getting on/off at the terminal bus stops and at the tracks.  I thought he was drunk particularly because when my back wasn’t turned, he walked really unsteadily to the bus seat and had trouble sitting down, but his ability to creep fast and silently up to me without me noticing despite me being on high alert and speed walking with an initial distance between us of ~40m away (this was from the bus loop to platform) was far too impressive.

I now have the transit police phone number and text number saved in my phone.  I’m never going without it.

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