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I was a royal [chicken of an] idiot – but in any case, today was PURE AWESOME. CLOUD 9 AWESOME, GUYS.

That awesome moment when the teacher is every bit as excited as you are to realize your favourite teacher from 15 years ago is her good friend.  It was obviously meant to be! She even asked for a picture to show my ex-teacher.

 Best. Day. EVER.

And here’s the less-than-impressive story of the idiot that I am:

Nov. 17 – I saw him and somehow summoned the courage to approach him and chat for a couple seconds before my courage failed me and I slinked back to my work table with some lame excuse.. but in my defense, I was working with another guy so I was trying to make it seem less.. flirty.

Nov 18 – I had a chat with my supervisor and saw him in the area but we were both busy so nothing happened there.

Here’s the part where i was a royal idiot – I saw him Dec 1.  I had a chance Dec.1. NO ONE was there, it was JUST US. AND it was the last day.. of classes so pretty much my last chance.   He even greeted me with a hi, how’s it going.  And I bailed.  I felt my cheeks heat up and my courage died when he talked.  and so he left after like 15 minutes.  I WAS LAME.  I’M SORRY WORLD. I COULDN’T EVEN LOOK UP TO MAKE SMALL TALK.  I DESERVE NOTHING.  BUT I’D LIKE TO ASK.. FOR.. ONE MORE PERFECT CHANCE TO CHANGE.  PRETTY GODDAMN PLEASE. PLEASE.


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