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So the lack of moves I made last semester on the guy who I thought was so amazing looking.. who would let me into his personal space and somehow seemed to instinctively notice me every time I walked to class during the latter part of spring semester.. I made up for it!  I think!

So on Sept 15, a Monday, I saw him.  I was being introduced to the area and the work. My hands were literally shaking when I recognized his typical wear first and then saw him.  I heard people say his name, but I entirely dismissed it because I thought he was NEVER coming back.  I almost let him leave entirely without saying hi because he was working with someone else too but I managed a hi and managed to show how creepy I was by saying his name in the process without him ever telling me it and by remembering all the classes he had previously with me when asked by the guy I was working with about how we knew each other.  That, ladies and gentlemen of WordPress, was by far my most unwittingly smooth & most forward move I have EVER put on a guy.  I mean, no one else would have known that this information I knew without much thought was out of the ordinary except him because we’d.. barely even spoken two sentences to each other despite the 2 semesters together and multiple gazes at each other.  If we ever become anything more, he WILL be asked if that car alarm he accidentally blared for minutes afterwards, which sent the supervisor’s wife running to tell him about it.. if that was because of complete shock from what I did.  I tried to be in lab as much as possible to catch a glimpse of him after that but I had no luck for 2 months and was beginning to give up, thinking maybe.. maybe he didn’t even go to school here anymore and had just dropped by to help out a grad student.

But then.  I saw him again.  Nov 10, 2:35pm.  This time in the backroom, after going 3 months without seeing him.  And he turned, gazed & smiled the biggest & warmest knowing smile at me as I walked toward him which was pretty much all I needed to know that he DID get my message last time and liked me back.  Too bad I had the other guy there teaching me the ropes for what I was doing, otherwise I may have been able to actually.. uh, talk to him.  But I did see his amazing smile.  and the happiest eyes smiling back at me. Oh my gosh, I think I’m melting in the cheesiest way possible.  I did meet his gaze, smile back in response to his smile, and say hi [name] so I wasn’t utterly passive!  I really hope I see him again.  Just one more miracle somewhere in the near future this semester, you amazing gods who have smiled down on me so far?  Pretty please?  Maybe alone somewhere so I can find an excuse to talk to him?

I have ZERO regrets.  And I’m on cloud 9.  I never knew nonverbal communication could be so comforting and tell me so so much more than words.

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