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Hard times in the current economy

I’m really scared about my future.  My job is pretty decent.. in terms of the team environment.  The pay however sucks any sort of glory out of it entirely.  And the people who do these jobs, with pay or not, are so overqualified it scares me.

I do NOT want to do higher education right now after a stint that stressed me to a point where my body was reacting very negatively, and what I highly suspect were the cause of my hair loss and other problems that nearly got me hospitalized. Don’t get me wrong – my supervisors were some of the most amazing supervisors I could ever ask for and I learned so much more than I ever have – but it was too much for me and not enjoyable at all.  But I do NOT want a near-minimum wage job.  Nor do I want to be a grad student, never mind a grad student with only a minimally higher wage.  But I want a job where I can support myself.  Ideally in this city, but if not, so be it.  I’m so scared.  What kind of future is in store for a person like me?

I’m being so ambitious in cramming stuff into my schedule that my program supervisor was very concerned about me burning myself out and getting sick.  I’ll admit I’m ambitious – but I don’t think I’m too ambitious for what I’m trying to achieve – which is a tall order – to graduate and get a decent paying job (at a  decent work environment) that will allow me to support myself.

So what do I say on my resume or what do I say to people about why I’m doing what I’m doing?  Truthfully, I would say I am diversifying my experiences to make myself as applicable to as many areas as possible to facilitate finding a good permanent job although that truth has never once surfaced in interviews…

I feel so lost and so scared right now.

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