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Say hi to my life!

My mother blames me for her depression because according to her, I’m cutting her out of my life and becoming a stranger to her when I give her answers like that… literally cries sometimes. She wants all the facts, who, what, when, where, why.  And feelings.  And then she’ll insist on helping when I explicitly state I don’t want her help.  Shit, when I forgot and left my fb open once and gave her permission to look up something, she went through my facebook (as seen from my internet history), not even to look at my profile, but to look up on the guys I mentioned frequently interacting (she somehow had convinced herself the guy and I had some sort of close relationship when nothing of that sort happened.  And she went out of her way to mention how against she was of it and tried to prevent me from ever being alone with him.  It was freaking retarded.)  with.. 3 years ago. I totally lost faith in her.  It’s ridiculous.  It’s the epitome of a hover-parent with no respect for personal space.


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