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My thoughts on over-qualification.

“Many employers’ concerns about underqualified or overqualified candidates center on whether your experience (or lack thereof) will alienate you from the rest of the team. If you are a bit lacking in experience, take special care to convey an air of poise, maturity, and professionalism. If you’re overqualified for the position, make sure your interview demeanor is consistent with a humble team player who is eager to learn and fit in. You just might find that having the right attitude is much more important to your future employer than having the perfect qualifications.”

A quote worth a post.

“Do something hard when you’re young. Join something bigger than you. Lose yourself in something difficult and uncomfortable. You’ll find out where your limits are. You’ll also find out that you can do and survive and handle a lot more than you think you can.”

– AnathemaMaranatha@Reddit

Normally wouldn’t quote people from reddit, but I think this was well said.  And not something my mother understands.  She’s highly critical, unsupportive, and negative about the opportunity I’m doing this summer.. because she thinks I’m in over my head and I am not the type of person to handle this opportunity well.  

I went into this knowing this would be one of the most challenging experiences I’d ever taken on to date.  I’ve had a lot of internal conflict with waves of despair, regret, but also happiness and gratefulness.. because I got a chance to try something many people have not had the chance to experience.  Whether I do well or poorly makes no difference to me.  The only thing that matters to me is that I tried my best.  And that I was brave enough to try something new that I never thought I would have the chance, nor courage, to do.   

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