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Songs for ages to come.

My 20 song:

My 21 song:

My 22 song: Taylor Swift

My 23 song:

My 24 song:

My 25 song: Quarterlife Crisis

My 30 song:


Accomplishments checklist (yes, failures count as accomplishments too. Deal with it.)

failed a midterm: CHECK! (48.8%)

skipped a page on a midterm by accident: CHECK!

failed a final: CHECK! (25%)

GPA higher than 4.0 in a semester

talked to classmates: CHECK!

school job: CHECK!

study-related job: CHECK!

involved with faculty: CHECK!

explored entire the school: CHECK!

attended club / school events: CHECK!


I’m tired. and smart apparently.

sleep deprivation correlated with high IQ

you hear that guys? You hear that?? Sleep-deprived people are geniuses! my IQ must be THREW THE ROOF!!!  🙂

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