The thoughts & ramblings of a young mind

In a hard place.

My schoolwork.. it’s way,way too much.  It’s only 4 upper division classes.  But I really can’t handle these 4 classes together.  Two of them are alright.  the other two are killing me in terms of workload, and I just want to break down and cry.  I’m so scared.  I can barely keep up.  Nevermind do a good job.  If it was only exams, that would be fine. But there’s a mountain load of projects and proposals I’ve got to write up to accompany my 5 midterms.  This isn’t counting my extra-curriculars, school involvement, and night course.. which take up more than 5 hours per week altogether.  I feel horrible.  I feel so stressed.  I wish I took one less course.  I can barely function right now.  I’ve got my notes in front of me, but nothing’s being understood.  I just want to curl up and cry.  But time, time is ticking.  


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