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In a hard place.

My schoolwork.. it’s way,way too much.  It’s only 4 upper division classes.  But I really can’t handle these 4 classes together.  Two of them are alright.  the other two are killing me in terms of workload, and I just want to break down and cry.  I’m so scared.  I can barely keep up.  Nevermind do a good job.  If it was only exams, that would be fine. But there’s a mountain load of projects and proposals I’ve got to write up to accompany my 5 midterms.  This isn’t counting my extra-curriculars, school involvement, and night course.. which take up more than 5 hours per week altogether.  I feel horrible.  I feel so stressed.  I wish I took one less course.  I can barely function right now.  I’ve got my notes in front of me, but nothing’s being understood.  I just want to curl up and cry.  But time, time is ticking.  


Started off today with a phone call which I was super excited and too nervous and STILL can’t stop thinking about

..from a panel of interviewers. good thing they couldn’t see me. I had pots of tea and non-drowsy medicine surrounding me, bags under my eyes, and was hacking my lungs out moments before the interview. No, my mind was not at its full potential unfortunately and I definitely wasn’t thinking straight but I sounded fine (I think) even if what I said was barely intelligible.

But it’s amusing having the chance to be taken seriously for a job (I mean, a 45 MINUTE INTERVIEW which actually nearly went over the full 45 MINUTES!  AAAAnd that’s for someone who’s not even out of school and doesn’t have all that much experience in the field!  If that’s not serious, I don’t know what is!) despite being interviewed in sleepwear and being deadly sick.  

That’s the SECOND time now that I’ve been sick during interview season.  My other interview.. my face-to-face interview when I was feeling even worse off and most DEFINITELY sounded sick.. yeah.  That one didn’t go so well on the other hand. As expected.

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