The thoughts & ramblings of a young mind


Crestfallen eyes searching the void, desperate to grasp at something, anything, that will acknowledge the soul’s existence.  That will acknowledge the soul’s dwindling light of hope for nurture and love.  The desperation for the soft touch of someone who cares, a hug, a kiss, a soft intimate touch of love.  To be neglected of the basic necessities, stripped of the illusion, the mirage melts swiftly away into the oblivion.. No longer blinded by a filter of love, but the reality and acceptance of unrequited love and regret.. 

Of admiration afar never expressed.  

Of the generous window of opportunity that closed itself forever after indecision and insecurity. 

A wave of sadness.  A wave of despair. 


Tomorrow will bring a new day.  For this, the soul needs.  A revival.  A new beginning.  A new life.  A new inspiration.  A new twinkle of hope.

Damn.  Can I just say that the guy got hotter too?  I think I have good taste in guys.  But anyways.  Cue heartbreak music!  Wooo!

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