The thoughts & ramblings of a young mind

To my newest addition to my line of victims.

The story: solemnly brought him to the sink, gave my absolute deepest apologies and a few extra seconds for him to experience his sweet (if not short) life in pond water.. and dunked him in ethanol.

Sorry Mr. G.  (G. for GINORMOUS!). Here’s a little corner of the internet dedicated to you.  RIP.  Thank you for your incredible generosity in donating your eternal [and uh, non-consensual] services in boosting my marks..

Much love always.

Your murderer, MMW.

ps.  You remember the guy  I was talking about before?  Yeah.  The coward in me finally re-introduced myself to him after days of agonizing over how to do so.  A buildup of over a year.  I don’t think he even remembers me.  I think I imagined everything.  He hasn’t even talked to me since.  Maybe I had the wrong person.  And maybe I’m.. oh, I don’t know… a.. 100% UNADULTERATED IDIOT?!  My investigation is done here.  Case closed.  Goodbye.

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