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A disconnect from the world. A path down a lonely road.

I.. I just can’t connect with anyone.  I have nothing to say. I’m just.. destined for a lonely path.  No one I get.   No one who gets me.  No one I can talk all day with.  Because I can’t.. I don’t have anything to say.  Moments of silence that stretch on .. and on.. and on eternally.  Why. How can you have something to say all the time?  I don’t get people.  I don’t get myself.  I live in a very confused lonely world.  I’m so quiet.  Not timid.  Not shy.  Just not talkative.  Just simple.  And maybe stupid.  My brain feels empty.  I feel like an empty person struggling to string words together with every sentence that comes out of my mouth..

Why can’t I do it?  Why .. why.  I feel incredibly useless and idiotic.  I want to fit.  I want to be one of them.  But I just can’t fit in.  I feel like I’m intruding everytime I talk.  Like they have to patiently wait to hear what I have to say.  Like they’re doing me a favour. I feel.. horrible.


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