The thoughts & ramblings of a young mind

A tangled mess of emotions.

I want to give my friend a hug so bad.  She really needs it.

I’m a tornado of feelings right now.  I’m happy and sad.  Appreciative but really sorry.

My friend just told me her family troubles which puts all complaints I have to shame.  First off, she has to pay off her degree.  Then pay off her rent.  Then pay off the groceries.  And all of that, on minimum wage.  And not full-time either.  Which definitely doesn’t cover all of this so she’s digging into her small savings.  Her degree hasn’t gotten her anywhere at all.  I really feel like crying when I hear what she has to go through.  It’s so tough, but there are genuinely so many people like her out there, trying their best to make ends meet alone.

Because of her story, I’m determined to work really really hard.  I want to pay back my parents in hard work if nothing else.  It made me realize how amazing my parents are.  I feel so immensely grateful for them being there and supporting me in everything I do so much.  Despite our differences and our faults and not meeting eye-to-eye in everything, they are truly the best parents in the world.  They are all I could have asked for, and then some.

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