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“Train her till you break her.”

That pissed the hell out of me, I’ve never been so livid.  My father has zero respect for me. He literally treats me like a dog; I’ve seen how he treats dogs.  He yells at them to ‘train’ them until they listen.  He just scolded my mother saying that the way to make me work was to “train” me.  By commanding me to do work around the house until I broke and listened.  Yes, I do housework whenever you’re out of the house.  Just not to your face cause I fucking hate being told what to do by you.  Then you dismiss all that I have to say.  About my serious amount of schoolwork, you discount it altogether.  No.  Nothing I have to say is of importance.

Well, FUCK OFF.  I’m not a dog to be trained; I’m not a fucking piece of property to be bent every which way until I yield to all that you say; I refuse to bend to your every whim.  I’m in my fucking TWENTIES.  If you won’t listen to me, then fine.  But there is a line I will not have crossed: I refuse to stand disrespect.  I refuse to be broken mentally or physically.

I hate you so damn much.

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