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As always: I regret what I did not do

You remember that post I happily posted up about that guy I shared a look with?  Well.  I’ve got him staring at me several more times, and they’re not just glances, but seconds long stares at least, I’ve never caught him staring away from the corner of my eye.  Maybe.. it was more than I thought.  Damn.  I thought it was a bit of an accident, nothing serious.  I should have done something, I really do regret it now.  Maybe there was feeling behind it.  Say hi. Anything.  Damn.  I feel bad.  And awesome. Because.. it’s the first time I’ve ever noticed explicit attention on me.  It feels good to know I’m noticed even when I deliberately keep myself anonymous in the sea of students.   I think I’ve had a lot of missed opportunities because I’m so passive.  Gotta man up..


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