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Uncharacteristically happy.

I just want to write a post while I’m in this mood.  I need an optimistic mood more often.  I’m not often like this, but I feel so happy for absolutely no reason.  Just.. nothing’s bringing me down at all.  I got 50-65% on my midterms, all of them, and I just got that news today.  But somehow, I’m finding it easy to move on and think, you know, I have another chance, and I’ll do better.  I’m even finding it funny I completely missed a page on the midterm in one. I just feel so carefree.

I love what I do for hobbies.  I love my sports.  I love my hobbies.  I like being me.  I love being unique.  I feel proud of myself for where I am today and for everything I’ve done.  I’m impressed.

I’m awesome.  Remember that now & always.=)

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