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Reminiscing on Children’s Books

You know what’s funny?  In elementary school, I made a habit of hiding books under my stuffed animals so I could read them past my bedtime from the dim glow of the hallway light when my parents were downstairs .   Meanwhile, I’d be worlds away, immersed in a land of unicorns and jazz (no, seriously.  I loved unicorns & magical creatures).  And now.. now.  Haha. It’s hiding a computer.  I think a book is so tame and sweet compared to a computer. Somehow I don’t quite imagine younger children doing that anymore now adays.  Is that true?

How it all started.. my parents didn’t have time to care for me as they both worked full time and my younger sibling had just been born– so from preschool to grade 1, I had no understanding of anything academic.  My favorite activity was collecting & squishing wood bugs every day with my friend by jumping on masses of them (I was so mean ).  I stole things too from my elementary school.  There were scant number of highly coveted florescent crayons from my school.  EVERYONE wanted to use them.  Annnnd I think I stole a yellow one.  I rationalized this by saying to myself that I was protecting the crayons from being stolen by classmates by protecting it myself in my safe home.  Yes, I had insane logic.  I never did feel guilty.  I felt like I was doing the right thing.  I was the loud obnoxious kid the teacher would walk over to shush.  She told my mom I worked too little and talked too much.  (although this is something I really disagree with, my mom disciplined me to be quiet as a result.  So I was very proud and would tell her I kept quiet in Grade 2.  And I keep getting more and more quiet as the years pass.  I really hate this change.)  Anyways, bad behavior aside  (sorry, I went off the rails), my parents realized I was behind in English when I couldn’t read Dr. Seuss books — or any book for that matter, in grade 1.  I couldn’t write either.  I seriously remember my very first grade 1 “story”.  It was literally a nonsensical sentence with a spelling mistake in every other letter.  My mother ended up quitting her job to take care of my brother and I.  So she taught me to read.  And then.. this started in grade 2. That’s been one of the best things that ever happened to me.  I smartened up a LOT from grade 2 to 3 with their help.

So. Now I’m reminiscing on my old days.  It’s so sweet how many kids write to my favorite kid’s author.  It’s obvious he’s made a real impact on them for them to write to him with such enthusiasm.  I wish kids did more reading now a days!  There’s so much more substance and so many more worlds to explore than Twilight (sorry Stephanie Meyer)..

Sigh.  Reminiscing isn’t good for me.  Now I miss elementary school book fairs.

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