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Unparalleled neighbours

My neighbor is AMAZING.


I went to school 30minutes earlier than usual to get ot my midterm on time— but between the confusing frenzy of train patrols and ladies who couldn’t speak English at the train, I finally made out that  there was no way I could get there on time via public transit as no trains were heading the direction I needed from the station where I was.  On top of this, I was sick and head was hurting.  Was seriously calculating if I could pass this course without my 20% or if I could just get a sick note and skip the midterm altogether.  I called up my neighbor—and within all of 5 minutes, he met up with me and drove me to school.  Got to school 20minutes early.

Absolute lifesaver. I’ve got to do something for him and his wife.  They’re the sweetest couple I’ve ever met, they’ve been there for me from when I was young till now. ❤

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