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I love sending feel-good emails.

I believe in recognizing other people’s goodwill & kindness.

Or just doing something above and beyond their necessary role in the job.  See, they’ll never know how they did unless.. if someone speaks up.  And I don’t mind being that person at all because I think they deserve the good word and good feeling that comes with it when they do something great.  See, I love good emails complementing me about something I did.  Heck, I confess, I even save it up to feel good at a later time and smile sometimes.  I like helping others.  and I like being appreciated.  So it’s kind of a mutualistic win-win “do unto others as you would have them do” in my mind.
So far I’ve sent feel-goods to one of my professors and to one exceptional volunteer coordinator.  I hope to send more later when the situation arises!  I look forward to making someone’s day! 🙂

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