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Dear family, please listen.

I don’t feel like I’m being heard.
I say something I think you could do better. And a defensive barrier props up.  And the replies come hurtling back as criticism about me. and what’s  wrong with me and the other family members.  Sometimes even as rash fowl language and the reinforcement that you own everything, and I have owed you my entire life and should never have come into existence.  Never about yourself.

I say something about my life that I want only be heard out.  Instead you don’t see this and argue to help me. You give me advice you want me to act upon to solve my issue.  I don’t want your help to handle my life.  And no, I don’t think it makes me a cold person when I want my space and want to try and solve things my own way.

I’m so frustrated.

In this family, no one’s ever wrong.  You’re always right.  And that’s what’s breaking us apart.

Arrogance.  Selfishness.  Lack of empathy.
Most of all?  Not listening for the message.  Not hearing with an open mind, but with a closed, defensive one that refuses to acknowledge any possibility of wrongdoing.

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