The thoughts & ramblings of a young mind

I think I lose a couple IQ points everytime when..

My mouth speaks faster than my brain or my brain’s simply an empty shell such that even I don’t even know what I’m trying to get at but in reply, the other person kindly pretends to nod thoughtfully anyways and attempts to return an insightful manipulation of what you said just so that their perspective/take on your reply makes your speech sound a bit less nonsensical.

And then I feel stupid after that.  Because under all the superficial talk, both I know and they know exactly what happened.  Because what happened was that they were trying to cover up for my stream of gibberish.   And we all know converting pure garbage to crystal is not exactly.. possible.

Observing people and the way they interact is really interesting though.  It’s funny what you notice when you really look for people’s tactics to have a smooth conversation when talking with others.  Then again, there are those who are tactless too.  Those aren’t fun to watch.  It’s akin to watching someone terrible at drawing, doodle.  It’s painful!

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