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You’re kidding.

Kids these days..

Alright.  Someone tell me what the heck that high school kid saw in me when he decided to hit on me, ask me for my number & facebook on my entire ride home when I was all sweaty and disgusting, wearing an old t-shirt with fresh juice stains all over, raggy old jeans with holes, and warned him of parasites I had on me..  best part after rejection: “I thought we had a connection going!!”


Generation Gap

I hate it.

My parents.  My stubborn, stubborn parents and I do not see eye to eye with most things career & life related.

  • I’m trying to to get experience in MY field.  Instead, my mother believes I’m thinking at too small a scale and should try something generic like OFFICE WORK to boost my resume.  She aspires for me to go abroad to volunteer to do office work at a high end firm just so I can say I went abroad to work.   I think that’s bull.  Unless if that work provides me with additional field work in my areas, then no.  I will not waste my summer by traveling abroad, wasting money, to help someone photocopy their papers.
  • My parents see my weathered hands from working 8+ hours a day, 5 days a week.  My mother is shocked and tells me to take care of them because no one likes weathered hands.  My father stares hard at me and tells me I may want to reconsider my career if it means my hands will look like that.
  • My parents believe I should be getting a boyfriend at my age.  They’ve been very pressing about.  Telling me I’ll die old and alone as threats when they get mad that I don’t listen about this.  They’ve even gone behind my back wondering out loud if I was lying to them, and that, I did in fact have a boyfriend.  What they don’t understand is more than half the people at my age.. don’t even have boyfriends.
  • My father is desperate to quit his $70k+ job because he doesn’t like working.  I would be so happy just making $45k every year with a steady, long term job.  I’m tired, scared, and insecure about my future right now.  And seeing my father throw his career away like that to retire makes me sad.  He can’t appreciate how good a pay that is in today’s time considering he only had a bachelor’s degree and this job was not even related to his degree.

I think they have both completely lost touch with today’s society.

And I think  know I’m super-pessimistic about the job-market and my future.

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