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Everything is not as bad as it seems.

I’m bitter and sad.  This year started with a rocky start with passing of two of relatives.  And now the boat’s about to tip; my mother is to lose her job in several years due to lack of funding and my father wants to retire in a month and can’t give a shit about what happens to the family or their retirement plan.

In other words, they can no longer afford to subsidize my university fees or much else.

Things really aren’t as bad as they seem, as much as I am stressed out and suddenly realize I need a steady part time job asap.  I wish I took more care in where I was throwing money before.  I was so naive.  I wasted so much money on education I didn’t need.  I’m not only worried about now, but the future.  It all seems so bleak when the field I’m working at is so dried up.  There really are no jobs.  Am I making the right decision to take this path? Problem is, I really have no chance left to try another path.  I have no money.

On the bright side-

  1. I’m not living out of a car or van (although this provides a good resource for if this does come up).  And for those like the man behind this inspirational story is a true survivor and a very strong person I would always admire, more than those with money or power.  People who have had the strength to pull through and make ends meet where everything seemed impossible.
  2. I’m not a homeless university student.

Times are tough.  I need to study and work harder, knowing this.  I need to persevere and always be optimistic.  But just for today-

I’ll let myself drown.

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